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Marriage Ministry For Couples.
WANTED: American couples who feel God wants them to minister to married couples.


Marriage Problems, Family Problems Relationship Problems & Divorce Sources of Help.

List of links that help people involved in a crisis in the areas of marriage problems, family problems, divorce help, relationship problems, mental problems, curses, and spiritual problems, needing a therapist, marriage counselor or divorce support, also, divorce groups for men, women, and kids.



(Find Help, Discover Hope, Experience Healing through, support groups meeting in thousands of local churches around the world. Find a group near you and sign up for “1 Day at a Time” daily email encouragement.) Notice, if you are associated with a church and do not have a DivorceCare Group in your church, you can call Naomi Ford at the above number to start a DivorceCare Group.
Web Address: www.DivorceCare.org

Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce
1-800-489-7778 (A Crisis intervention tool for pastors, counselors or Christian friends to use with couples whose marriages are in trouble and may be heading for divorce. Are you or your spouse considering divorce? These tools are for you.)
Web Address: www.BeforeYouDivorce.org

DC4K: DivorceCare for Kids
(Dynamic program for churches, helps heal children experiencing the divorce of their parents.)
Web Address: www.DC4K.org

(Specializes in restoring, helping divorced parents move forward in single parenting.)
Web Address: www.DC4K.org/ParentZone

BOOKS ON: “Breaking Curses & Soul Ties”

Marilyn Hickey Ministries
(Prayer line, book and tape resources.)
1-877-661-1249 (M-F 6:30am-4:30pm, MST, USA only.)
Published by: Harrison House
Web Address:

Eagles Nest Ministries
(Book and tape resources).
1-888-EAGLE-99 (324-5399)
Book: “SEDUCTIONS EXPOSED” Order Book Here!
Published by: Whitaker House.
Web Address: www.EaglesNestMinistries.org


(Books, tapes for Marriage & Family relationship growth & problem resolution, listen online.)
Web Address: www.FamilyLife.com

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
(Books, tapes for spiritual growth, bible studies, listen - view online, church online, prayer.)
Web Address: www.KCM.org

Time For Hope
(Mental Health, family and relationship problems, counseling referrals, all kinds of resources).
Television host: Dr. Freda V. Crews
Web Address: www.TimeForHope.org

Focus on Your Child
(Resources for: child development, health, child parent relationships, family entertainment, Bible teachings, magazines and parenting seminars. Helping parents bond together, sharing practical parenting advice.)
Web Address: www.FocusOnYourChild.com

Child Custody Calendar Software
(Find out who has the kids! Easily manage your child custody and visitation with Custody X Change! This program can be a great asset for blended families, stepfamilies.)
Web Address: www.CustodyXChange.com


A Time 2 Heal Ministries
(Specializing in healing, restoration, and recovery for struggling marriage--ex. lust, affairs, pornography.)
Web Address: www.ATime2Heal.org

National Association For Research And Therapy Of Homosexuality (NARTH)
(Specialty: Homosexuality help, lesbian help, parenting & family issues, resources.)
Web Address: www.NARTH.com

Exodus International
(Specialty: Lesbian and Homosexuality help through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.) Worldwide ministry.
Web address: www.Exodus-International.org

Faithful And True Ministries
(Specialty: Sexual addiction, newsletters).
Web address: www.FaithfulAndTrueMinistries.com

National Association For Christian Recovery
(Sexual, physical & metal abuse, addiction, disorder counselor and therapist referrals.)
Web Address: www.NACRonline.com (“ Referral Center ” button).
Web Address: www.SpiritualAbuse.com

Cloud-Townsend Resources
(Solutions For Life, resources for marriage and family situations, counseling referrals).
1-800-676-HOPE (4673)
Web Address: www.CloudTownsend.com (Excellent tape library, “Tape Library” button).

American Counseling Association,
(National Counseling Referral Directory)
(Referral network of behavioral health care professionals for in-office, telephone and email counseling and therapist.)
Web Address: www.PersonalSolutions.com
Web Address: www.counseling.org


Dr. Gary Chapman
(Marriage restoration through marriage seminars. Gary Chapman is also the author of the powerful The Five Love Languages. We recommend this book for ALL marriage relationships).
Web Address: www.GaryChapman.org

Preventing Divorce
(Resources and links to ministries specializing in preventing divorce and solving marriage problems. Also has some ministries and clinics with free marriage & divorce counseling.)
Web Address: www.PreventingDivorce.com

Marriage Radio
Website detailing marriage-enrichment resources. Includes seminar information, articles, a message forum and a bookstore.
Web Address: www.MarriageRadio.comStepfamily Association
This is the website of the Stepfamily Association of South Australia Inc. Blended family help.
(Our aim is to provide stepfamilies [blended families] with an online community. A friendly interactive environment where stepfamilies feel they are understood and information and support is available.)
Web Address: www.Stepfamily.asn.au


Dr. Lori Petrie, Licensed Psychologist (Los Angeles, CA. USA).
(Relationship Enhancement, Marital Therapy, Divorce Survival and Growth, Parenting Issues, Past Family Problems, and Individual Therapy.) Offices in Santa Monica/Westside and South Bay areas of California.
Web Address: www.DrLoriPetrie.com

Dawson McAllister Association (The Hope Line)
(HOPE-line 1-800-394-HOPE [4673], Sun-Sat 6pm-1PM CST).
(Abuse, family problems, relationship problems, problems with God, parent relationship problems.)
Prayer Web Address: www.TheHopeLine.com
(Open to any age.) Chaplain and live help desk, free advice, listen online, other resources.

Elijah House
(In house therapy. Inner healing by The power of the Cross through the Spirit and the Word working to heal and restore families.)
(208) 773-1645
Web address: www.ElijahHouse.org

New Life Ministries and Clinics
(Counseling, healing workshops, intensive workshops for Wives of Sex Addicts, books, tapes, christian marriage counselor referrals, radio broadcast online. To find a clinic that can help near you, click the New Life Christian Counseling banner.)
1-800-NEW LIFE (639-5433)
Web Address: www.NewLife.com

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
(Powerful distant education training programs (on CD & video)- helping those who hurt deeply: christian marriage & divorce counseling referrals, books).
Click on: "Find a Counselor" for referrals.
Web Address: www.AACC.net


Divorce in Ontario Canada
Divorce and Family Law. (Free divorce advice: We have designed an in-depth educational web site to provide you with the help you need. If you have questions about laws, costs, timing, procedure, child support guidelines and tables, spousal support, child custody, property division, collaborative law, common law separation and more.) 1-888-832-2456
Web Address: www.OttawaDivorce.com

Divorce Source
(Everything imaginable from divorce laws in all 50 states, to support groups and resources.)
Web Address: www.DivorceSource.com

Divorce Support

(Focusing on Counseling and Self Help. Supportive information about: divorce, child custody & support, visitation, separation, alimony & support, and divorce laws in all 50 states.)
Web Address: www.DivorceSupport.com

Online Lawyer Source
(Provides legal information in family law including divorce, alimony, custody, child support, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, family contracts related to property, etc. Find a lawyer near you.)
Web Address: www.OnlineLawyerSource.com

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Even though the author is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by any person, company, or ministry listed in this section, we have been associated with or had experience with many of them through the years.


Note: If you have come to this web site looking for christian divorce advice or need marriage or divorce counseling, go to our Marriage And Divorce Sources Of Help page or/and our Book Excerpts pages. We have provided you with a number of very helpful links for marriage and divorce advice, marriage and divorce counseling as well as valuable information for your critical situation.

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Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission here!

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Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission here!

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Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission here!

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Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission here!

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Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission here!

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