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DivorceHope Newsletter, April 15, 2006

From: Stephen Gola


Our Dear Family,

We really care about all of you. Our hearts ache with compassion for your situations. We are praying and believing God for you for intervention, wisdom and understanding in making all those difficult choices. We know that they are not easy to make --- even when you know what to do. The Lord is giving us understanding in a profound way on how important KNOWING the Truth is. This is why DivorceHope website and Divorce: God's Will? book exists: An avenue for God to get the Truth to you --- His Kids, regarding divorce, remarriage and all that is related to it --- to once-and-for-all break the powers of the enemy off you. Amen!

We know that many of you have been abused and shamed by your church --- the one's who were supposed to help when you were facing divorce and/or wanted to get married again. As the Lord told a friend of mine, "These truths have been lost through time. It is nobody's fault." Nevertheless, we know that the abuse continues, but you must forgive them. If God is not condemning them because they do not know, neither should we. We have posted a letter of a real situation where a lady came to the defense of her friend who was abused by the church. The letter is full of wisdom and revelation. We highly recommend that you read it. In it is the anointed power of God to set you free. The link is http://www.divorcehope.com/divorcechurchabuse.htm.

We at DivorceHope will offer to help anyone in a counseling or church leadership position to truly understand God's heart on divorce, remarriage, relationship love and marriage covenants who ask. We know it takes education and training to stop the abuse. When we have a lack of knowledge of the truth, we ignorantly abuse. Pray for yourleadership to come to the knowledge of the truth and give them the material the Lord has given us.

This month, we would like to share (connect you with) our ministry friends at Take His Heart Ministries. They can contribute greatly to your life through what the Lord has called and trained them in. But before we do, we would like to share two significant teaching.


1) We mentioned in our last Newsletter that the Lord has given me another powerful teaching regarding divorce and remarriage. Because this Newsletter is so late, we do nothave one powerful teaching, we have two. Because we have posted one earlier, some of you may have seen it. Otherwise, we know many of you have not. Therefore, we will share both.

Teaching #1: Does God "Allow" Us to Sin? Is Divorce a "Sin" That God "Allows"?
It is wrongfully taught that "divorce is a sin --- period!" God has given us the understanding to identifying an act that is ALWAYS a sin verses something that CAN be sin.
When God was faced with a bad marriage relationship, the Scriptures record, "Then I saw that for all the causes for which backsliding Israel had committed adultery, I (God)had put her away and GIVEN HER A CERTIFICATE FOR DIVORCE. (Jeremiah 3:8a.)

We KNOW that God cannot sin, He only does righteous acts. Therefore when He divorced Israel, GOD DID A RIGHTEOUS ACT--- because He could ONLY DO righteousacts --- because HE IS RIGHTEOUS. Divorce can be a righteous or innocent act just as killing can be a righteous act in war or self defense. Divorce itself has NEVER beensin in itself. It is the UNRIGHTEOUS MOTIVE behind divorce that makes it a sin to THAT person. You can read the whole article at: http://www.divorcehope.com/is_divorce_right_ok_the_answer.htm.

Teaching #2: What Does "For Better or for Worse" Mean in a Marriage?
This is another issue that has caused a real mess in people's lives. Does "for better or for worse" mean that you are married for life --- regardless of the violations committed against you in the marriage? The answer is No! Nor has it ever meant that. There are two separate and distinct areas from where attacks against the marriage covenant arise: 1.From WITHIN the marriage itself --- through the partners of the covenant. And 2. From OUTSIDE the marriage relationship --- against the marriage partners. "For better or for worse" is a commitment by the marriage partners to rise-up together against those situations that would threaten the marriage covenant relationship from OUTSIDE the marriage.

Many are bound in bad marriages and/or guilt because of misapplying this part of the marriage vow to violations that come from WITHIN the marriage covenant instead of its rightful application to attacks that come from OUTSIDE the marriage covenant relationship. Mistakenly applying this part of the marriage vow to attacks that come from WITHIN the marriage relationship automatically turns the marriage covenant into an indissolvable, unbreakable, unconditional covenant (a covenant without conditions --- anything goes). Meaning, you have to stay married to that person no matter what abuses or violations they have committed against you in the relationship. Not even God makes unbreakable unconditional covenants with sinful man. Yet, we have accepted this mistaken application as truth thereby believing that a marriage covenant with two sinful people is supposed to be "unconditional" --- without any conditions.

You can read the whole article at: http://www.divorcehope.com/betterorworse-marriedforlife.htm. Remember, all our teachings are listed in our Teaching Archives at: http://www.divorcehope.com/bibleteachingarchives.htm and can also be downloaded free.

Our Family, we want all of you to know that we do not know this stuff until the Lord teaches us. As we spend daily time with Him in prayer does He reveal these truths. We are in just as much shock-and-awe as you are --- probably even more. Many times after I get done writing what He brings to me, I have no idea of how I got it. It is truly God's grace to His family. Nevertheless, we are grateful and praise Him for His goodness and desire to set His kids free from these bondages. We have a great heavenly Daddy! Tell Him that you love Him!

2) Now for our Ministry friends: We would like to introduce Roy Sauzek of Take His Heart Ministries from Wellington, Kansas USA. Roy is one of those gentle giants in the Lord, and a dear friend. God has called and equipped Roy for the mission to bring the Bride of Christ out of Her spotted state to the beautiful Spotless Bride of Christ.

Here is just a small sample of what you will find on Take His Heart website: God took Roy and showed him the New Heaven and the New Earth. The Lord showed Roy that 48% of those in church are NOT saved --- why they are not saved when others think they are and what to do to correct the situation. (This specific link is http://www.takehisheart.com/salvationconfessionstraitgate.htm); The Lord showed him about the Secret Place of the Most High; Where we are in Revelation End-Time Events; How to get God's protection for you and your family and how easily it is lost, and much more. All of these teaching are so simple but yet so powerful. All are illustrated with pictures.

All their teaching and training booklets and DVD's (or VHS) movies are free to anyone who requests them in the world. They are free as downloads, viewing online or as a hardcopy. They can be freely distributed or copied. Do not pass-up this opportunity to get these life-changing materials from http://www.takehisheart.com. In the left column of their website you will see "Free Stuff." You can download or view from there. If you want Roy to send you the booklets and DVD's movies (or VHS), then let him know you want ALL of them (the "whole package"). He will gladly send them to you at no charge. Please let him know that we sent you.

3) There are a number of our brothers and sisters out there who need the truths that are written in Divorce: God's Will? but are visually impaired or blind and cannot read. The Lord has opened up a door of opportunity for us to offer within the next two months --- free of charge --- the whole book of Divorce: God's Will? in audio format for the blind and visually impaired, only. We will share more about how to get someone qualified as it is released. This service has been offered to us by an outstanding non-profit organization. If you know of anybody who is blind or visually impaired and needs the truths that are in Divorce God's Will?, be sure to watch for more information in our upcoming Newsletters.

4) As always, if you are a Minister or Church Leader and truly do train the people, or a Counseling Professional, we want to join up with you and make your Church or Counseling Services available to our ever-increasing Family. Many look for skilled godly therapist and church families that will not condemn them as they work through life draining issues. God has called us to roll-up our sleeves to support and help "love" one another. Also, we would like to send you a free copy of Divorce: God's Will? as well as a CD with related teachings. So please get in contact with us at comments(at)divorcehope.com and mention this newsletter offer.


Our dear Family, as we bring another Newsletter to a close we want you to know we love you and pray for you often. Again, if any of you have suggestions we would like to hear them. We pray about everything to see what the Lord would have us to do.

The Lord has already given me another teaching word: "Why Did God Let This Happen to Me?" There are right answers to this question that most face. We love you all and --- until next time...

Be sure to pray for us. Serving you all --- the King's Kids,

Your brother, Stephen Gola



Note: If you have come to this web site looking for christian divorce advice or need marriage or divorce counseling, go to our Marriage And Divorce Sources Of Help page or/and our Book Excerpts pages. We have provided you with a number of very helpful links for marriage and divorce advice, marriage and divorce counseling as well as valuable information for your critical situation.

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